FiiO FH3 – A mid-range in-ear for everyone

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FH3 is the next Hybrid iteration of the in-ear product ranges from the established brand – FiiO. The FH3 in-ear comes with one dynamic driver Beryllium and 2 Knowles’ Balanced Armature drivers. FiiO FH3 will replace the last iteration of the in-ear line-up: F9 Pro.


The FiiO FH3 shares the same design language with the FH7 & the FH5: metal housing with wave curves. What makes FH3 differentiated from the other FH in-ears is the matte black finish.

On the inside, we have a dynamic driver coated with Beryllium; alongside with 2 balanced armature drivers from Knowles. When picking up the FiiO FH3 for the first time, we thought the waves curves on the outside are just an aesthetic feature, but then we reallize something inside the sound chambers of the FiiO FH3: the spiral sound chambers. This structure was introduced to reduce the high frequency resonance of the drivers. The result is much better sound experience with 3 drivers inside each earphone: sound from each driver will not cancel each other out. Besides, the ability to balance dynamic diaphragm pressure to get a solid bass range. The total length of this coil is 41.5mm running in the small body of the FH3, which is truly remarkable.

The cord that comes with the FiiO FH3 is the FiiO LC-3.5B cord, includes MMCX connector and single-ended 3.5mm jack.

Wearing experience

With the metal housing, holding the FH3 has a moderate weight, but when worn on the ear, it feels extremely comfortable. Housing is carefully polished, without redundant details, worn closely in the ear. The anode layer covering the headset has exceptional quality in this price segment. We feel an extreme attention to details with this in-ear headphones, even with the price of the FiiO FH3.

We’re extremely satisfied with the wearing experience. After 3 hours of straight listening to several albums, ranging from Chill-out jazz to Alternative Rock, we hardly felt any discomfort while wearing the FH3. In fact, one of our editor is wearing the FiiO FH3 while typing this very article.

Sound quality

FH3 has strong, thick, and blocky bass. Upper bass has clear lines, striking and overwhelming, the sub bass goes very well, hitting the eardrum very strongly, but a commendable point for the FH3 is that this bass strip is entirely in the background. not insolent. The sound quality creates dynamism as well as excitement for the typical bassline of albums that are prone to “bouncing” like RAM or floating like Mordechai. If you compare this bass with two headphones in the same segment, Shure SE 215 or Sennheiser IE 40 Pro on a personal scale, then for sure: SE 215 <FH3 <IE 40 Pro. We think this bass will be suitable for the sound quality of the genres of music that need thick and strong bass, or the music needs a warm bass band and type any sound. SE 215 is quite fluttering, muddy and lacks detail in the upper bass, slightly overwhelming the mid-bass. IE 40 Pro has a crisp, compact and drier bass, a bit “flatter” so it is more suitable for his personal taste.

The second commendable point of the FH3 is that the treble strip is very small, extremely energetic and dissolves quite quickly, with good openness. The treble is not harsh, quite easy to hear and creates energy in good highs, anyone who listens to Kpop or Jpop music will easily feel satisfied. Anyone who hears the metal heavy heavy will not see too much because it cannot hit the full force of the cymbal.

Comparing to the 2 bass and treble bands, this midrange is only moderate, slightly backward and made sweet, flattering, easy to hear, not the type of emphasis on analyzing and dissecting details in the midrange. That’s why we can confidently recommend this in-ear to people who listens to a wide range of music genres.


The pricing of FiiO FH3 is really affordable for those who seeks for a starter in-ear. The FiiO FH3 can accommodate a wide range of music genres and can satisfy most peoples with this kind of price.

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