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Akko 3068 Review: 65% Mechanical Keyboard with Style

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Our 2 Akko 3068 mechanical keyboards had arrived in doorsteps few days ago, and now we’re writing this article on the very same Akko 3068 (and yes, we bought 2 Akko 3068 for the purpose of writing this article). By the time our readers read this article, we’d been using it for at least 5 days. So what are our thoughts about the Akko 3068, keep reading to find out.

Disclaimer: we bought the products using our own money, and we do not receive endorsement of any form from Akko.

Unbox & First Impression

You may not be familiar with Akko, but probably, you’re familiar with Ducky, with the Ducky One series, Ducky Zero series, etc. For some strange reasons, Ducky & Akko are really close, although Akko is from mainland China and Ducky is from Taiwan. Maybe some of our readers may enlighten us a little bit here.

Akko 3068 – Cherry switches
Akko 3068 – Akko switches

We have 2 versions of Akko 3068 on our hands: Akko 3068 with Cherry MX Red switches (left side); Akko3068 with Akko Pink switches (right side). Both versions have Bluetooth connection as well as wired connection over USB (Type-C). The packages seems very high quality (despise the prices), and upon opening the packages, our very first surprises awaits:

Akko had been generous with the extras for the Akko 3068: detachable 5.2ft (1.6m) USB Type-C to USB Type A ; keycap puller with Akko logo; extra keycaps for Enter, Esc, Space Bar and Nav Cluster.

The backside of the box

Texts on the boxes are written in English, however, the user manuals that we found inside are written in Chinese. It doesn’t matter much because with a keyboard this simple, one won’t need to read the manuals to know how to operate the keyboard. But that’s still a minus 1 point for the Akko 3068.

Akko 3068’s keycaps
Akko 3068’s keycaps

Despise using plastic for the case, the Akko 3068’s case feels really sturdy, it doesn’t budge even when we tried to twist the keyboard with 2 hands. The keycaps that came with Akko 3068 are made from ABS PBT plastic. The characters on the keycaps are sharp and well printed. (Note: new versions now use PBT keycaps).

Stabs are pre-lubed

Our keyboards are equipped with Cherry MX Red switches on the standard version & the in-house Akko Red switches on the Tokyo World Tour version.

Upon closer inspection, we found out that the Akko 3068 has the ability to add LED for backlighting, which is really surprised us. We’re not sure what’s the intention of this, but seems like a lot of mechanical keyboards from China & Taiwan have the same ideas. The LEDs must be soldered on the board, and only supports single color, also LEDs are north-facing, so if you want to solder some LEDs, you may keep that in mind. Another thing that really surprised us is slabs of the Akko 3068 came pre-lubed, which is really nice, saving us a lot of trouble.

USB Type C connection

On the back, Akko 3068 is equipped with an USB Type-C port on the left side of the keyboard. We also have a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable that came with the keyboard. The cable used a nice, thick but flexible smooth rubber cover. It’d be nice to have a braided cable, but this one will do the job just fine.

No legs!

Looking at the “bottom” of the keyboard, we didn’t find any legs / raisers. That means you only have 1 angle on this keyboard, which may bother some people.

Hands on exprience

The Akko 3068 uses OEM profile with ABS keycaps, which provides us good enough angle and spacing. Connecting the keyboard with USB Type C port is straight forward, and there’s nothing to say about this. Akko 3068’s Bluetooth mode supports 3 devices, and you can switch between devices by using a combination of keys. Connecting the Akko 3068 keyboard over Bluetooth is easy and super fast: you just need turn on pairing mode, choose the choose the host device number (ranging from 1-3), from your host device, choose to pair with the Akko 3068.

Bluetooth connection supports maximium 3 devices (the E, R, T keys)

We tested by connecting Akko 3068 to a Macbook Pro 2016, an iPhone XS,and a Samsung S10. Switching between the 3 devices only take less than a second. Akko 3068 works seemlessly with MacOS, Windows, Android & iOS without any problems at all.

The Akko Pink switches

As mentioned earlier, the Tokyo World Tour Akko 3068 came with the in-house Akko Pink switches. The Akko Pink switches are the equivalent of Cherry MX Red, mostly identical which some tiny changes. Both version of switches perform much the same, most people will have a hard time regconize between those switches.

In our typing experience, we both found some scratches while hitting the switches. As we bottom out the keycaps to the plate, the sound are pretty much regconizable. One of our experienced typists didn’t make the sound while using this keyboard, because he just simply didn’t hit the switches full travel.


With the colorful keycaps, Akko 3068 seems like a mechanical keyboard that doesn’t follow the “trend” of boring single color pattern on most of the keyboards. We either get white keyboard or get a black keyboard, with or without backlighting. Quality-wise, we must say this keyboard is well-built, although we hope for some “legs” to raise the angle of the keyboard. Value-wise, the Akko 3068 definitely worth your money.


  • 10/29/2020: Akko 3068 is now shipped with PBT keycaps

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