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Review VAVA 2k Dual Dashcam – One of the best front – rear dash cam

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your old dashcam, or you’re just looking into the market to see what’s the best dashcam to buy, well, look no further. VAVA 2k Dual Dashcam is one the best dual dashcam (or also known as front-rear dashcam).

Dual cameras

VAVA 2k Dual Dashcam

VAVA 2k Dual Dashcam is equipped with, unsurprisingly, 2 cameras: the front camera & the rear camera. The 2 cameras will start recording as soon as you start the car or a sudden movement to your car (which we’ll discuss about later, so keep reading).

The front camera’s resolution is 2560×1600 pixels with IMX335 imaging sensor, and the rear camera’s resolution is at max 1920×1080 pixels with IMX307 imaging sensor. Video processing is off load to the Amba H22A55 microprocessor, which is one of the best imaging processor out in the market. The quality of both cameras’ recording is top notch: imagine you can read the plate’s number from the rear camera without any problem at all. That’s how good both cameras are.

> A picture tells a thousand words, and a video footage tells a million words. Watch what customers are capturing with the AVA 2k Dual Dashcam.

On the rear side of the dashcam, you’ll notice a 2″ display, which is average size on this kind of camera. The 2″ display has an above average quality, but good enough so you will know what’s going on.

Even though the display shows a picture-in-picture footage, however, the footages from 2 cameras will be placed into 2 different files.

The rear camera exprience

While having the front camera is for the purpose of capturing what’s in front of the car, having the rear camera is another experience.

AVA 2k Dual Dashcam

You may notice that’s most front – rear dash camera on the market has 2 separated cameras, so you can place the front & rear cameras right on the glass of your vehicle. The AVA 2k Dual Dashcam has a different approach: 2 cameras in the same housing. The problem? The car’s rear may obstruct the view from the rear camera. AVA’s solution: increase the resolution to 1080p & equip the best in class imaging sensor & imaging processor.

That will raise another problem: something or someone in the car may obstruct the rear camera. But from my real life experience, that’s hardly the case. Most of the time, there will be nothing to obstruct the rear camera.

Meanwhile, having a rear camera right inside the car may prove another advantage for your experience: you can capture moments inside your car! Yes, this feature, this feature right here, is the one I love the most. I can’t tell how many moments I capture inside the car with my family, my friends & my coworkers. Also, you won’t have to run the wire along the inside of your car.

During our review process, one of our editor saw the Snapshot button that came with the AVA 2k Dual Dashcam, and he said with excitement: This is so thoughtful. And that was exactly our thoughts about this product. The Snapshot button can be used to shoot photo or capture video footage for a short period of time.

The AVA 2k Dual Dashcam’s package

Sudden shock or collision trigger

VAVA 2K Dual Dashcam is equipped with a 3 axis G-sensor. This sensor will trigger the AVA 2k Dual Dashcam to turn on when ever a shock / collision happens. The sensitivity of this feature can be configured through the app or on the camera itself. That means you will have evidence of the accident, even you’re not around your car.

The sudden shock or collision trigger will even work even the car is turn off. Thanks to the 320mAh battery built inside. According the AVA, the battery can last up to 7 days in standby mode.


The AVA 2k Dual Dashcam is a Swiss-knife for a dashcam. This dashcam has everything one may need. The qualities of both video footage & build are superb. But the high price may make some customers has a second thought. We think AVA 2k Dual Dashcam is worth your money. Until we have a better dashcam, the AVA 2k Dual Dashcam will hold the best dashcam title.

Top-notch quality video footage
Comes with Android / iOS app
Dedicated wireless snapshot button
Built-in GPS
Suporior night-vision recording
Shock or collision detection
Separately turn off the rear camera for privacy
Camera can 360° rotate & detachable with magnet
High price
Screen quality needs improvement

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