Soundpeats Sonic TWS review: Surprisingly Amazing

We're really surprised with the high quality of sound & crystal clear voice call

Soundpeats Sonic wireless earbuds had lead me from one surprise to another. With all the TWS (True Wireless Speakers) earbuds I’ve tried, this is easily my top pick. From battery life to sound quality, Soundpeats Sonic has exceeded all my expectations for a budget headbuds. If you’re deciding to purchase the Soundpeats wireless earbuds: Soundpeats Sonic, read to the end of this article, with all the twist in this article, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Soundpeats Sonic Manual Download

You can download Soundpeats Sonic Manual here: PDF file

Soundpeats Sonic TWS Specifications

Let’s get over quickly with the boring stuff first:

Frequency Response Range20-20000Hz
CodecsSBC, APTX, APTX-adaptive
Active Noise-CancellationNo
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth ProfileHSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Bluetooth ChipsetQualcomm QCC3040
Maximum Working Range33feet/10m
Playing timeAbout 15 Hours (volume at 60% on SBC)
Earbuds Charging TimeAbout 1.5 hours (2 times charging with case)
Case Charging Time / Capacity1.5 Hours / 400mah
Soundpeats Sonic’s specifications

From the specs, Soundpeats Sonic does not stand out with anything. Pretty much all the specs are standards with all new TWS earbuds. I was wondering why Soundpeats didn’t reveal specs of the drivers. But because of that, I was lead from one surprise to one another. Spoiler: Soundpeats Sonic is an pleasant surprise for me.

Soundpeats Sonic QCC3040
Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth Chipset

Soundpeats Sonic Unboxing experience & Exterior

Packaging & Unboxing 5/10

My unboxing experience for Soundpeats Sonic was mixed. Part of me expected a better unboxing experience than previous products from Soundpeats; another part of me knew that Soundpeats Sonic is a budget option, so unboxing experience wouldn’t be that great.

Soundpeats Sonic is packaged inside a cardboard box. Inside the box, you will find the Soundpeats Sonic’s charging case situated right in the middle. Looking inside the box you will find 2 extra pair of eartips (smaller & larger size); 9 inches (23cm) USB Type C cable; and an user manual.

Charging case 6/10

Soundpeats Sonic charging case
Soundpeats Sonic’s charging case

The charging case is made from ABS plastic with smooth surface with new Soundpeats logo on top. Soundpeats Sonic’s charging case is painted with metallic gray (a bit darker than Space Gray from Macbook Pro) with metallic bronze color accent. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed Soundpeats’ choice of colors for Sonic.

USB Type C charging port
USB Type C charging port & charging indicator

On the back, you will find a USB Type-C charging port with a LED to display charging level: Red below 20%; Yellow between 20% and 69%; Green between 70% and 100%.

Soundpeats Sonic
Soundpeats Sonic

The opening case experience wasn’t up to my standard, either. The hinge seems a bit scratchy while opening. Because of the shape, opening the case with just one is so much trouble because of the height, so I can’t find a fulcrum point. Closing down is another unsatisfied experience: the magnet is not strong to provide enough force to close the cover while in half travel distance.

Inside the case you will find another LED indicates power level of the charging case: Below 10% Red; 49%-10% Yellow; 100%—50% Green.

Overall, the case’s exterior is nice, but with some improvements on small details, this case could step up to the next level. For longevity, only time will tell how long will this pair of earbuds last.

Pairing & connectivity 9/10

Soundpeats Sonic
Promotional material from Soundpeats

Pairing Soundpeats Sonic with a new host device didn’t require any effort from me: Just scan for Soundpeats Sonic and click Pair and voila. Turning off Bluetooth on my phone and Soundpeats Sonic immediately switched to pairing mode with flashing light on the earbuds. The whole pairing process just took less than 1 second.

Soundpeats Sonic
Taking the earbuds out of the case and you can start listening to your music

The Soundpeats Sonic will automatically connect to paired devices right after taking out of the case.

Soundpeats Sonic’s connectivity is above standards with me haven’t exeprienced any lag, drop connection or stutter over the course of my 10 days test.

For the distance test, I decided to test with a simple & realistic case: with the earbuds connected to my phone, I put my phone on table, and moved to another room which is about 30 feet away from the table with 2 wooden doors in between, and to my surprise, I didn’t experience any connection drop, thanks to the new Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset. The audio quality didn’t drop with such distance. Only when I went to another room which is 36 feet away from the phone, with 2 concrete wall in between, the earbuds started to show some struggle with audio.

Audio lag was minimal. When I tested the earbuds by playing video on Youtube, I hardly notice any audio lag. Soundpeats advertised the Game Mode with Sonic to ensure the synchronization of the game audio and picture. But to be honest, testing LOL Wildrift with the Game Mode on, I hadn’t experienced any difference with normal mode.

Wearing experience 8/10

Soundpeats Sonic fitting
You will need to twist a bit to get a perfect fit

At first sight, my thought was wearing the Soundpeats Sonic earbuds would be uncomfortable & weird. Putting the earbuds into your ears will require some efforts to get familiar: you will need to twist the earbuds around to find the perfect position to align the eartips with your ear canals. But after that, it was a pleasant experience to me.

Soundpeats Sonic
Soundpeats Sonic’s eartip

The earbuds’ tips pushed deeply into my ear canal to provide a satisfactory noise isolation. The original pair of eartips is made from soft silicon and stay securely in my ears. I tried jumping up & down with some light running, the earbuds didn’t seem to move a bit within my ears. As I don’t exercise, I decided to put a stop to this experience, please don’t judge me.

Soundpeats Sonic
Long session won’t be a problem

To see any improvements on wearing experience, I switched the original eartips with a pair of medium Spinfit eartips. The Spinfit eartips snuggled better into my ear canals and provide a bit better noise isolation. The Spinfit eartips also provided a better comfort inside my ears for a long music session. Overall, Soundpeats did a really good job with the eartips, but if you want to go extra, purchase the Spinfit eartips.

I worn the Soundpeats Sonic TWS straight for 8 hours in one of my testing session. Only after 4 hours I felt a bit fatigure with my ears, but nothing serious. After 8 hours, there seems to be no big issue wearing this pair of earbuds.

Sound quality 9.5/10

Soundpeats Sonic
Soundpeats Sonic clearly surpassed the Sabbat X12

Upon wearing for the first time, the Soundpeats Sonic provided a horrible sound quality: let’s just say every aspects of the sound were horrible. My initial thought right after listening the first time with Soundpeats Sonic was why Soundpeats produced such a terrible device.

But things took an unexpected 180° turn. After the burn-in process kicked in its effect, which took me about 5 days, the sound quality of the Sound peats Sonic just wowed me. To be honest, before this pair of earbuds, I was a bit skeptical about the myth of burn-in process just because I haven’t experienced any significant change from a new pair of airbuds/headphones or any kind.

Before the burn in, Soundpeats Sonic was underwhelming with bass, like minimal bass. Vocal and treble were okay at best. But after the burn in, every aspects of sound were in balanced: bass is just the right amound, down & low vocal is clear crystal, and treble is just wonderful. I tested for straight 7 days with at least 5 hours each day on several genres: Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Ava Maxx – Heaven & Hell, Miracle of Sound – Only Us, Eminem – several songs, etc.

I can say confidently that Soundpeats Sonic has resprented very high quality of sound.

Call quality 9/10

There was a paradox that a TWS earbuds/headphones that has high quality sound wouldn’t have high quality call quality and vice versa. Not the case with Soundpeats Sonic TWS.

Soundpeats Sonic has two mic on each earbuds, but to provide high quality voice call, Soundpeats decided to use cVc noise cancellation. And I dare to say that was a good choice.

I tested by making phone call from my phone with normal phone app & on Skype; in different environments: quiet indoor in my home-office, loud indoor in a coffee house, outdoor with strong wind blowing. The results are suprisingly good:

  • Quiet indoor: voice is crystal clear and really close to my normal voice. Even the person on the other end of the phone was really surprised to hear my voice.
  • Loud indoor: the earbuds did a good job filtering out noise from the crowd in the coffee house, with some occasion of letting voice from other persons in. But overall, no problem.
  • Outdoor with strong wind: again, Soundpeats Sonic did a really good job picking up my voice with some small hisses from the wind.

Final verdict of Soundpeats Sonic TWS

For under $50, Soundpeats Sonic is above the standards, even on par with earbuds at the high-end range. The sound quality is exceptional, call quality is second to none. The Soundpeats Sonic TWS is a must-buy for anyone looking for earbuds under the $100 mark, or even the $200 mark.

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