Soundpeats Truengine SE Review: All the best technology for TWS earbuds

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This is a detailed review of Truengine SE from a personal perspective after a period of experience, hopefully the article will provide more necessary information to our readers.

Product Dimensions0.98 * 0.94 * 1.09 inches
Item Weight3.98 ounces
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 (QCC3020)
Audio CodecSBC, APTX, AAC
Working Range33 feet (10 meters)
Playtime Time27 hours
Charging portMicro USB
Noise cancellationCVC

Build quality

From the first look, the Truengine SE case design does not make a strong impression, the case is quite compact in size, rectangular in shape with rounded corners, edges to fit the handle, relatively convenient to carry.

The transparent housing

However, Soundpeats Truengine SE really impressed me in the earbuds’ housing design. The housing shape is granular, with no branches. The highlight is a transparent design. Instead of being made entirely of black plastic, the part between the earplugs and the housing body is made of transparent plastic that can see through the plastic layer to see the details and components of the earphone inside. The interior details are made of metal, with a brighter yellow color. This design reminds me of expensive mechanical watches, in which I also love.

The Soundpeats Truengine SE is controlled by two physical buttons on each body, I personally dislike this design not only Truengine SE but on all headphones. This design can cause an uncomfortable feeling in the ear, in addition to the push control button, this causes There was some pressure on my ears. On the bright side, mechanical button like this will last much longer than touch-sensitve button.

Soundpeats Truengine SE comes with 3 different pairs of ear tips for greater fit. We found that the included ear tips provide great sound insulation and very comfortable.

Connectivity & Battery life

In our pairing test with several phones, from high end like Samsung S10 to iPhone 11 Pro Max, to lower end phones such as Samsung Galaxy A71, Google Pixel 4a, and a iPhone 5; the results were really impressive: Soundpeats Truengine SE took only 2-3 seconds to pair to a new phone for the first time.

For the connection stability test, we tested it like sane persons would: listen to music on Spotify, Youtube for hours. We didn’t have any disruption, connection drop while listening on Spotify. But while moving on to Youtube, there are some random stutters in sound, but the problem wasn’t significant as we encountered one stutter once in every two or more hours.

Fit like glove

Connectivity dropped as we tested while moving away from the source phone. From 5 feet, connection was still smooth. From 14 feet, we experienced some stutter, but again, it wasn’t too much of a problem. From 32 feet, we experienced some lags and drop connection every 10 seconds; and it was became clear that the earbuds weren’t usable further than 34 feet. That’s impressive anyhow! A pair of earbuds this inexpensive can still maintain such a distance. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 & aptX codec.

The usage time of the Truengine SE is a relatively good number, again, for this price range. With 1 charge, Soundpeats Truengine SE’s case will have enough power for 27 hours of use. Meanwhile the earbuds themself can last for 6 hours of continuous in our testing scenarios. One thing we don’t like is that the case still uses micro USB for charging.


Truengine SE doesn’t come with too many features, but the ones packed inside are really necessary. First, consider the controls on the device. Truengine SE is controlled by a physical button on the headset body, this can help users control the activities on the headset itself, saving time and quite convenient:

  • One tap: Play or pause music
  • Two right presses: Increase the volume
  • Two presses left: Volume down
  • Hold for 1.5 seconds: Skip to the next track (right) or go back one song (left)
  • Three taps: Virtual assistant (wow, didn’t expect virtual assistant on this pair of earbuds)

Headphone water resistance is also an important feature, Truengine SE is quite water resistant, IPX4 waterproof technology, users can be assured when using Truengine SE under rain, humid air, including smoke and dust. This feature protects the headphones from environmental influences.

Sound quality

SoundPEATS TruEngine SE uses dual dynamic drivers infused with dual crossover design. This kind driver & setup has a separation of bass and highs to keep the mids clean and more detailed. In addition, it comes with Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset to be able to process audio with more quality & clarity.

For testing purposes, we listen to several artists on Spotify, such as: Linkin Park, Eminem, Lady A, Luke Combs, etc. and some classical music (such as Antonio Vivandi, Fabio Biondi).

  • Mid clear, detailed, clear vocals without any influence of bass or treble. This can be good news for those who like to listen to rap, hip-hop or other genres that favor vocals.
  • The low-powered bass is clean and compact. Because I only listen to light music, I especially like this type of bass.

For calls, the microphone quality is good enough that the person on the other end of the line doesn’t complain about hard of hearing, thanks to the dual mic with CVC noise cancellation.


Is this the perfect earbuds? Is it worth my money or should I spend more? Those type of questions are very hard to answer. But one thing we can say confidently is that this pair of earbuds, the Soundpeats Truengine SE, is an incredible value for money purchase. Soundpeats Truengine SE provides a solid music experience with incredible voice call capability.

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