SoundPEATS Trueshift 2: Powerful Bass with Portable Charger

Earbuds double as power bank

SoundPeats Trueshift 2 is a solidly designed earbuds from both earbuds housings and case. The TruePeats Trueshift 2 possesses many convenient features and with a satisfactory sound quality. With the price just north of $40, Trueshift 2 deserves to be one of the top choices in the true wireless headset segment under $50. Let’s take an in-depth look with this amazing TWS earbuds.

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Affordable price
Comfortable, ergonomically fit
USB Type C & Bluetooth 5.0 for low latency
Huge (3000mAh) battery acts as power bank
IPX7 Water proof
Okay treble & vocal
All plastic

The box

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

The box designs of SoundPEATS products are largely similar to each other, and SoundPEATS Trueshift 2 is not exception, with the white case along with the logo on top, some information, photo of the products and the black box (that contains the earbuds) inside the headset.

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

Opening the black box, we will have a charging case with the earbuds inside, an USB-A to USB-C charging cord, 2 pairs of ear tips and replacement ear cushions, user manual and warranty.

SoundPEATS Trueshift 2: Exterior & Accessories

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

The charging case of is made of plastic with a rough – matter pattern, in turn will provide a strong & sturdy grip. On the other hand, the case is relatively large in size compared to the AirPods Pro – nearly a half times, with the weight of 0.4lbs (186g). You can forget about carry the case inside your jeans pocket with this kind of weight. The earbuds has this kind of weight because the charging case also doubles back as a portable charger, convenient, huh.

SoundPeats Trueshift 2

The top of the case has a soft & shiny plastic engraved logo, which is a nice touch in my opinion.

SoundPEATS has especially equipped Trueshift 2 with 2 ports on the back of the charging case: 1 USB-A and 1 USB Type C. With the USB Type A port, the case can be used as a mini backup charger in an emergency. The current output from the USB-A port is 5V / 1A.

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

 SoundPeatsTrueshift 2 is made from plastic material with a pretty solid build, and a good level of finishing. On the earbuds, you will find the same matte pattern but a bit smoother than the charging case.

One of the things I like about the charging case is that the magnetic force is quite strong, making the two earbuds always firmly fixed without having to worry about falling out.

SoundPeats provides 3 type of ear-fins (or ear-bracers) to snuggle the pair of earbuds into your ears. We made some quick tests with the ear-fins on, and we were quite happy with the good results that those ear-fins can provide.

The top of the housing surface is imprinted with the SoundPEATS logo, lies under the logo is the directional sensors to control the earbuds. In my opinion, I feel that sometimes the sensor is not that much sensitive and the latency is a more than I expected. But at this price range, we don’t really have a better product than the TrueShift 2 with touch sensors. And because of that, we sometimes recommend the SoundPeats Sonic with physical buttons.

Features & Battery life

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

SoundPeats Trueshift 2 has quite a few convenient features to offer. The charging case also acts as a portable charger (or power bank). The product is IPX7-certified waterproof, which means the device is protected from the effects of water up to 1 meter deep, for up to 30 minutes. Please also note that this product is not made for swimming activities. SoundPeats Trueshift 2 also comes with Bluetooth 5.0, SBC and ACC codecs, which results in more than 30 ft (or 10m) connection range.

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

The drivers inside SoundPeats TrueShift 2 are 6 mm Graphene drivers for high level of details sound quality and powerful bass. In addition, Trueshift 2’s microphone has a noise canceling function for both headphones, helping to keep calls from being affected by the surrounding environment.

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

Trueshift 2 also has touch functions, virtual assistant with Siri & Google Assistant. Not many TWS earbuds under $50 can provide those set of features.

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

In terms of battery life & usage time, the battery capacity that the company provides for the case is 3000mAh. In which the time to fully charge the housing pair is 2 hours, the case is 4 hours. And users can use the device up to 102 hours, which makes this product incredibly suitable for long travel.

Sound Quality & Experience

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

With the Bluetooth 5.0 technology and the help of Airoha AB1536U chipset, Soundpeats Trueshift 2 can pair to devices just under 1 second. The sound delay (or audio lag) is minimal and hardly noticable, so watching videos with this pair of earbuds is truly an experience.

Soundpeats Trueshift 2

I had no problem wearing the SoundPeats TrueShift 2 for the first 2 hours, my ears didn’t have any sore or uncomfortable feeling. But after the 3rd hour, I started to feel the weight of the earbuds, especially the ear-fins, maybe because of my small ears size.

Our test playlist

We tested the SoundPEATS Trueshift 2 with over 40 hours of music listening and watching Netflix (like any sane persons would do). The sound quality of SoundPeats TrueShift 2 stands above most of the earbuds in the $50 price range (except SoundPeats Sonic). The bass is round and enough, the mid is beautifully portrayed, treble is just okay in our opinion. The clarifications of sound is good. But again, this is a pair of earbuds made for exercise activities, so we expect people will listen to motivation music or EDM with fast beats and a lot of bass.

Verdict: Who should buy SoundPEATS Trueshift 2

This pair of earbuds provides a high sound quality, suitable for sports practitioners. With IPX7 water resistance, you won’t be afraid of your earbuds being damaged by rain or sweats. The case with 3000mAh battery is too large to be carried around, but the thought of having a portable charger inside an earbuds case is example of think-out-side-the-box.

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